I was helping my artist friend, John Wullbrandt, hold up his sign, "Fire the Liar"  at the downtown intersection in Carpinteria when an avid Trump supporter started  bending my ear about Hillary conspiracy theories and such.  So, I got out my handkerchief and struggled to blow my nose with one and and then asked him to hold the banner while I blew my nose.  He didn't notice that I took his picture.   He's on the right.   JULY 2018

(Guerilla art/everydayhumor)  


January 20, 2017

Purple Fishing is an online game and social media platform where Trump Supporters and Trump Haters will have fun finding common ground.  The Purple Fishing Kickstarter campaign will launch Inauguration Day, January 20.  The purpose of the game is to find agreement on a comment or idea and when you do, a “Purple Fish” is made.   (It didn't go over well and was discontinued when nobody wanted to find common ground.)